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Packaging Policy

Distributed Products


Bearings Limited supplies a wide variety of Bearing and Power Transmission products from over 50 different manufacturers.
Our policy is to supply these products in the original manufacturer's packaging.

IS Box

When the manufacturer's packaging becomes damaged or does not provide for the product's safety and protection, or when the manufacturer supplies the goods in bulk and we are shipping a partial quantity, Bearings Limited will repackage the goods in our attractive Industrial Services packaging to ensure the goods are protected & received in excellent condition.

Manufactured Products

TTN Bearing Box TTN Box

Consistent with the above policy, TRITAN brand products are supplied in attractive, sturdy, manufacturer's packaging.
Some TRITAN sizes are also available in Bulk packaging, typically in tubes. These parts will carry a /Q suffix in the part number.

Special Packaging and Labeling

Bearings Limited can provide special packaging and labeling, including barcoding, to meet customer needs. Contact one of our Sales Associates for complete details.

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